SAMEER - Results Framework Document
rfd1112.pdf  (.pdf file, 94KB)
Type Approval Certificate for Medical LINAC
TAC.pdf  (.pdf file, 118KB)
6MV Medical Linac Brochure
6MvMedicalLinac.pdf (.pdf file, 196KB)

MedicalLinac.pdf  (.pdf file, 285KB)
NABL Certificate, EMC Division

Cal Lab NABL Certificate.pdf (.pdf file, 1.5MB)

NABL Certificate for Electronics Testing.pdf (.pdf file, 313MB)

Scope of Accreditation for calibration lab.pdf  (.pdf file, 3.14MB)

Scope of Accreditation for Electronics Testing.pdf  (.pdf file, 1.09MB)
SAMEER Annual Reports

SAMEER Annual Report 2012-13 (.pdf file, 63MB)

SAMEER Annual Report 2013-14 (.pdf file, 25MB)

SAMEER Annual Report 2014-15 (.pdf file, 187MB)

SAMEER Annual Report 2015-16 (.pdf file, 156MB)