Profile for Dr. Sulabha Ranade, Director General, SAMEER


Dr. Sulabha Ranade received her Ph. D & M.Tech degree in  Communication Engineering from IIT Bombay and has been working at SAMEER, Mumbai, IIT Campus for last 35years in the area of Radar Transmitters and Electromagnetics.  Her areas of interest include Microwave Electronics, EMI/EMC issues in high power systems and signal integrity issues in high speed digital circuits.  She has been deputed to various IEEE conferences for presenting her papers at International forums and has also been trained at PRC, Georgia Tech, GIT, USA on Signal Integrity as a part of the EDC program. 

She has successfully completed many Defence and Space Application High Power Microwave Transmitter projects as Chief Investigator and contributed for projects for CEERI, Pilani in the area of High Power C-band TWT test bench.  Has been Chief Investigator for EMC consultancy for the 10 MeV RF LINAC being developed by BARC and has undertaken many EMC consultancy projects. 

Responsible for the Setting up of a full-fledged EMC lab for Radiated Emission, Conducted Emission, Radiated and Conducted Susceptibility Testing of all electronic products at SAMEER, Navi Mumbai.  The EMC lab is involved in the Test, Design and Consultancy for EMC compliance for electronic products for CE marking. The EMC lab has received NABL accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025 for EMC test and design consultancy since 2008 onwards and is also ISO 9001 accredited. The lab also carries out EMC testing as per MIL-STD-461E/F. 

Responsible for setting up an NABL accredited EMC Calibration Lab and an NABL accredited Electrical Product Safety Lab at SAMEER, Navi Mumbai.

As Programme Director for SAMEER Kolkata she has contributed towards the development of mm-wave transmitter receiver units for defence and civilian applications.

From January 2016 she has taken charge as Director General, Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER), which is an autonomous R&D lab under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology engaged in research and development in applied electromagnetics, RF, microwave and MMwave as well as areas like communication, EMI/EMC, antenna, Medical/NDT Linear Accelerator, Integrated optics and High Power Microwave Tubes.

We look forward to collaborations with national and international organisations in our field of expertise to achieve the goals and vision of indigenous technology development.

She is regular speaker on EMC related Topics at EMC Workshops held at SAMEER and outside and has published more than 40 papers at National and International Conferences and Journals.