1. Development and Deployment of Integrated Oncology System with 6 MV Medical Linac
Download 6 MV Medical Linac_DeitY.pdf (.pdf file, 38KB)
2. Dual photon energy and multiple electron energy integrated oncology system
Download Dual Energy.pdf  (.pdf file, 36KB)
3. Indigenous Magnetic Resonance Imaging – A National Mission
Download IMRI.pdf (.pdf file, 102KB)  
4 Research and Development of High Energy Linear Accelerator Technology for Medical and Other Application
Download HEL.pdf (.pdf file, 10KB)
5. Smart Warehouses with Application of Frontier EM & Electronics based Technology

Download SmartWarehouse.pdf (.pdf file, 85KB)


Design and Development of NavIC Receiver ASIC

Download MeitY_project_Navic.pdf (.pdf file, 104KB)


Establishment of EMC Test facility for Testing of Strategic Electronics Systems

Download EMCTestFacility.pdf (.pdf file, 104KB)

8.  Indigenous Development of Multi Option Proximity Sensor (MOPS) for Artillery and Mortar Fuzes
Download MOPS.pdf (.pdf file, 7KB)  
9. Data processing of ST Radar data and development of software for NKN upload
Download NKN_MeitY_project.pdf (.pdf file, 7KB)