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1. SMR/PUR/CP022/2020I/PT Supply of Optical Coherence Tomography
(OCT) Subsystems/Components
17/10/2019 590/-
(Inclusive of GST)
2. SMR/PUR/CP015/2020I/PT Supply and Installation of Desktop 4GHz Vector Network Analyser 26/09/2019 590/- (inclusive of GST) DOWNLOAD
3. SMR/PUR/CP016/2020I Supply & Installation of ISOTROPIC E field senors with field monitor unit 12/09/2019 DOWNLOAD
4. SMR/PUR/CP017/2020I Supply & Installation of D.C. & A.C. Magnetic probes with meters 12/09/2019 DOWNLOAD
5. SMR/PUR/CN080/2020I Suplly of dual directional coupler 12/09/2019 DOWNLOAD